Elspeth Cornish, Painting in the Princess Grace Rose Garden, Monaco, 2019




"I paint to celebrate the stunning beauty of the natural world, with particular focus on plants, flowers and pollinators. 

Educated at Art School in London (UAL) and taught since I was child by my mother, botanical (Christie's Contemporary Artist Helen Eltis). I believe that the plants around us, especially the wild flowers are incredibly precious and they deserve more positive attention for the roles they play in the world's ecosystems.


Wild flowers and flowers in general are not only beautiful but they play a vital role, feeding the pollinators which in turn help to grown 70% of the world's food. And yet here we are, weeding them away, spraying them with poison, and taking them for granted when what we should do, must do, is realise their vital role and protect them. So our ecosystems stay in balance for future generations.


In 2020 I was contacted by some British magazines and invited to display my art in their gallery pages, these included:  British Vogue, World of Interiors, House & Garden and Tatler.


In 2019 I collaborated with the British Ambassador's wife of Sweden and painted a collection of works titled "Painting for Pollinators" which I was invited to exhibition at the Queen Elizabeth II official birthday celebration at the British Ambassador's Residence, Stockholm. 

I hope that my art will inspire people to love the wildflowers and all flowers, not just for their beauty but for their evolved role as the providers of nourishment for the pollinating insects which then provide us with nourishment." Elspeth Cornish, 2021

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