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Diplomat's Meadow

Göran Wiklund

Collaboration with 'Stockholm Loves Pollinators'& British Ambassador's wife

"Nature provides us with so many valuable services. However, the threat to biodiversity and pollinating insects is only too real. We must all keep that in mind and ask ourselves what each one of us can do to help them. Use your window box or garden to plant nourishing, nectar-rich flowers and you will be rewarded with the contented buzzing of all kinds of pollinating insects.

Through her art Elspeth Cornish reminds us how precious all pollinators are."

Rosor pa sensommaren

Elinore & Carl Tham
Private Garden painting commission, Djurgården, Stockholm

”Elspeth is an artist passionate about nature and pollinators. She paints beautiful flowers and insects and she takes her task very seriously and is committed to her work and for it to be perfect. We are truly grateful for her insight and vision in our project and we are so happy about the result. Elspeth has a timeless style and we will love the paintings forever!.” 

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