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Petit's Sweat Peas en vase - small file.jpg


The price of my work is based on the time a painting takes me to do. Below is a list of prices. If the size you would like is not written below please contact me for a quote. 

I paint on 300g Saunders Watercolour Paper. Acid Free 100% Cotton.

1. 57 x 77cm  - 18.000 SEK 

2. 38 x 55cm - 10.000 SEK

Prices in British Pounds and Swedish Krona. Prices include 12% VAT, but not cost of the flowers, delivery or a frame. Payments available by credit card, direct debit or Paypal.

Hannah's wedding flowers

Bouquet Flower Commissions 

I offer bespoke flower commissions, ideal for special souvenir of your wedding or a one of a kind gift. 

Rosor pa sensommaren

Garden Flower Commissions 

Elspeth Cornish - painting en plein air.jpg

The Garden flower commission above illustrates the flowers in the garden as well as the bees and pollinators. The collection was used to create honey labels for the honey for a private collection.  

Painting only from life, I sat in the garden for days to draw the flowers and the pollinators. 

Honey Label Graphic Design

Get a Free Quote

If you have an idea for a painting that you would like, please do not hesitate to contact me below!

Thanks for submitting!
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