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Original Work Pricing

I price my work according to how long a piece has taken me. The larger and more detailed the piece the longer it takes to create and therefore the more I would charge for it. On average an A2 painting (420 x 594cm) will take me about 5 days to create with 1 to 2 days drawing the still life botanical and then a further 3 painting the piece. I paint in layers and this is what creates the depth. I aim for my work to be realistic although I do not try to create a photo but instead to maintain the unique 'hand painted' feeling.  


The price guide below shows the cost of my work according to size in Swedish Krona, UK Pounds and US Dollars." 

210 x 297 mm

5.000 SEK - £400 GBP - $500 USD

 406 x 508 mm

12.000 SEK - £990 GBP - $1,200 USD

565 x 760 mm 

18.000 SEK - £1440 GBP - $1800 USD

A0 - 700 x 1000 mm 

24.000 SEK - £1900 GBP - $2400 USD

2AO Diptych - 1400 x 1000 mm 

40.000 SEK - £3200 GBP - $4000 USD

Limited Edition Prints

I also sell my work as signed limited edition prints which I print these to order. The edition runs are only up to 50 and these are printed on high quality watercolour paper.


These are also priced according to size, I print the work at the same size as the originals to ensure the same "look & feel".  

40 x 50 cm - 1500 SEK - £120 GBP - $150 USD

80 x 100 cm - 3000 SEK - £240 GBP - $300 USD 

To order a Limited edition print contact us and tell us which painting you would like a print of. This will then be printed for you!

All prices do not include VAT which is 12% for original art and 25% for prints or design service. For a quote please email

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