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Thank you for coming to my Exhibition

For all those who could make it to check out my Art Exhibition recently, which ran from 24th September to 3rd October (2020) at the contemporary art gallery Art & Form in Stockholm's stylish Östermalm area - thank you for coming and for all those that didn't make it I hope to exhibit again so please join me next time.

It was really lovely, although slightly daunting to share my work. As an artist I spend a lot of time on my own, painting my flowers and bees and the prospect of my showing my work to other people was a bit overwhelming! But luckily, it was success, I sold 4 of my original paintings and a dozen or so of my brand new Wild Flower Trays. Lots of people also asked me if I sold my work as prints - as my originals sell from 5.000 - 15.000 SEK (£400 - £12500) so I am now busily trying to make an online print shop which I hope to launch soon.

These are the 4 original paintings which sold. It is a bit sad to see them go, like a parent to a child I think all artists love the work they create and saying good bye is never easy. But I can't keep all I paint and my paintings must go on to lead lives of their own. All I ask for is that they will be loved in their new homes and hopefully they will inspire more and more people to care for the bees and pollinators and the flowers that nourish them as the title of the exhibition suggested - LET IT BEE - the exhibition was in celebration of the Bee.

I love painting but at the moment I have little time to do that as I have a baby at the moment as the top photo illustrates. However I look forward to making more original paintings and then exhibiting those in the future too. But for now I am exploring making my Art into usable household products. I believe that Art should be accessible to all that appreciate it, regardless of the price tag so I am looking to see what I can make with my Art. For this exhibition I made some trays with wild flowers on them, Wild Flower Trays. These seemed to be really popular so I will continue to expand and make more of these.

And finally I especially want to thank a Stockholm based art writer called Vimala Söderqvist of Scandinavian Art & Design Talks who took the time not just to visit my exhibition but also to interview me about it and meet me there so I could explain it to her in finer detail. You can check out the interview here: . A photo of this kind lady below for taking the time to not only look at my work but also learn and write about it, tack!

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