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Painting in the Princess Grace Rose Garden 

Princess Grace Rose Garden, Monaco

June 2019 

Rosarie Princess Grace, CL Albertine

When most people visit the iconic Principality of Monaco they might not think about going to paint in the Princess Grace Rose Garden. However, to artist Elspeth Cornish this seemed like the best way to spend the day in this remarkable place. 

It is mainly the older breeds of roses that provide the best nectar and pollen for bees and pollinators so the rose with he most "bee presence" was selected to paint. Then as Elspeth Cornish started her drawing, she was approached by a guard who informed her and her husband Gustaf, that they would need permission from the Garden office before they could continue. 

Luckily the Head Gardener was available and after discovering that the aim was to raise awareness for pollinators by creating a painting of a rose in the "Princess Grace Rose Garden", he happily agreed for the painting to go ahead. 

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