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Elspeth Cornish - Climate Music Art Gigs

ABOVE | Elspeth Cornish, Stockholm, Sweden

About Music

Singing for Climate 

Elspeth has been writing songs for 10 years. She started an indie band in 2009 and they performed all around London, she called the band "The Awe Kids". They performed at prestigious venues around Camden and Amy Winehouse even attended their concert at her local pub, The Hawley Arms,  and were even aired on the Radio but life as a penniless musician took it's tole and after 3 years the band split up.


Elspeth then went back to Art School, University of the Arts London, to pursue a Degree in Interior Design and Fine Art and she kept writing music and taught herself to play the guitar.  Her song "Road 101" was featured on BBC Introducing Radio in 2014. 


She now records her songs with her great friend and song writing partner from their days in "The Awe Kids" together, Jon Hartz Wild who is the lead singer-guitarist of the talented London based Rock band, DISTRICT 13.


Her latest songs are about topics close to her heart... especially her love of Nature and the Climate Crisis. 

This Life So Crazy - 2019 London 

The Awe Kids | 2009 - 2012

Pura Vida Costa Rica - 2012 

Road 101, California -  2011 


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