I am a British Watercolour Artist and Interior Designer based in Stockholm Sweden. I have been painting and drawing from a young age as my mother, Christie's Contemporary Artist, Helen Eltis (www.heleneltis.com) taught me how to paint and draw from when I was a child. Some of my earliest memories are of seeing my mother's work in Magazines such as "Homes & Gardens" and "Options" (below). Like her I take my inspiration from the natural world and I use my art to celebrate flowers and plants, with particular focus on the plants that provide nectar for Bees and Pollinators - which are in greatly need of our help and protection! 


Born in Cambridge UK (1985) I grew up in the Caribbean and Costa Rica until I was 11 when I moved back to the Cambridge to go to school. My diverse upbringing which was surrounded by nature gave me my foundation to be particularly fond of the natural world. At the age of 18 I went to study Architecture at University College London and I worked for a few years in Architecture and Interior Design in London before returning to Art College in 2012 when I went to London College of Communication which is part of University of the Arts London

With the help of leading British art consultants Art Contact Ltd,  I sold my first painting to a Princess of Saudi Arabia in 2007 and in 2013 I had my work accepted to the Chelsea Art Society's summer Exhibition where the president at the time, the late Julian Barrow approached me and told me that my work was "very good". In 2019 I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to exhibit a collection of botanical still life watercolours, which included bees and pollinators, at the British Ambassador's Residence in Stockholm Sweden and I sold most of that collection titled "Painting for Pollinators"  after that exhibit. I then donated 25% of those sales to Binistan who I had collaborated with and who do important work in planting Bee friendly areas in the city of Stockholm. 

As a lover of flowers and the natural world I use my art to celebrate bees and pollinators because these creatures are our allies and they need our help. Many bee hives in Europe and around the world fail each year due to lack of food or pesticide poisoning . In some parts of the world people have to be employed to pollinate fruit trees because without pollination there is no fruit and sadly there the bee populations are very depleted or no longer present. 

We need bees to help us grow our crops, and as flowers have evolved with bees and pollinators and I am painter of flowers I thought I would harness my work to celebrate these vital members of our ecosystems. 



1986 about my Artist Mother and Gentleman Farmer Father (I'm the baby!)