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Elspeth Cornish's watercolour art exhibit at the Queen Elizabeth II Birthday

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The British Ambassador's Residence, Stockholm, Sweden

3rd June 2019 

Artist, Elspeth Cornish with His Excellency Mr David Cairns and Mrs Sharon Cairns

After volunteering to paint for the British Ambassador wife's bee project called "Stockholm Loves Pollinators" in the early spring of 2019, Elspeth Cornish was then delighted to be invited by the British Ambassador, His Excellency Mr David Cairns and Mrs Sharon Cairns to exhibit these paintings at their private birthday celebration for Queen Elizabeth II at their Stockholm Residence in June 2019. 

As a floral and botanical artist, Elspeth Cornish volunteered to paint for "Stockholm Love Pollinators" as plants and bees have evolved in unison and have shared a vital collaboration for millennium, and yet as flowers become more and more favoured, bees and pollinators face a tougher time due to over pesticide use, lack of flowers to feed from and habit loss. This is devastating for the eco system as well as food supplies as Bees and Pollinators are needed to pollinate 70% of crops and play a vital role in our global economy. 

Therefore the aim of these paintings, a collection of 10 titled "Painting for Pollinators", was to celebrate the plants that nourish bees and to include the Swedish Pollinator in the works of Art. Mrs Sharon Cairns played an integral role in encouraging Elspeth Cornish to include the Pollinators and she also taught her the importance of wild flowers and that not all flowers have the same benefit for bees and its important to grown plants which provide nectar and pollen over plants which do not, in order to support these creatures.  

Elspeth sold several of the collection after this exhibit to private collectors and she donated 25% to "Stockholm Loves Pollinators" organisers "Binistan" in thanks for her collaboration and to enable them to continue their great work.

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