Painting en Plein Air, capturing the beauty of flowers, plants

and the Bees

and other 


from Life!

ABOVE | Elspeth Cornish painting in Torekov, Sweden

Art to celebrate 

Nature, Biodiversity and

Planet Earth.



Flowers have evolved thanks to Pollinators so in thanks to these creatures and due to Elspeth's love of flowers, especially as a Horticultural Artist and daughter of a Christie's Contemporary Artist and flower painter, Helen Eltis, Elspeth Cornish is "Painting for Pollinators".

Art has been used for millennia to celebrate the important, the powerful and the nobel. Now Elspeth is harnessing her talent to celebrate the Pollinators which include bees, bumble bees, wasps, beetles, moths, butterflies, birds, lacewings, hoverflies and bats. 

Increasingly under threat from pesticide over-use, loss of habitat, limit flowers and food sources these creatures play a vital role in global food productions, economies and biodiversity.

Art Collaborations

In collaboration with 'Stockholm Loves Pollinators' and the British Foreign Office, Elspeth Cornish created a collection of Paintings to highlight the plants and flowers which best nourish the Pollinators of Sweden.